Palaplast s.a.

- Embodied Dripper Pipe



Easy to handle and reliable, ideal solution for permanent and seasonal cultivations. Produced from high quality virgin raw materials. Specialized anti-/UV raw materials guarantees aging protection. Absolute smooth inner surface and low pressure losses allows for application to larger irrigation run lengths. Highly durable for long lasting use allowing for multi mechanical lay outs - retrievals. Work ingprcs sure is4 BAR. The dripper has a large labyrinth where the water moves in a turbulent flowminimizingclogging. Drippers arc positioned during the production of the pipe with autogenous soldering.

  • Each dripper has two outlets eventhough only one outlet is sufficient for the discharge of the water, thus eliminating the possibility of clogging from (foreign particles (dirt, insects, plant debris etc)
  • Highly durable to fertilizers and chemicals used in cultivations
  • Ensures high Uniformity Coefficient (Cu)
    • Cu =1,83% (16mm 41/h test report Greek Institute for Agriculture A/4276/03/01 dripper category A)
    • Cu =3,10% (20mm 41/h test report Greek Institute for Agriculture A/4275/03 01 drippcrcategoryA)
  • Paladrip embodied dripper pipe is available in a large range of dripper distances to cover all cultivation requirements.
  • Minimum filtration required is 150 mesh for the 21/h dripper, and 120 mesh for the 41/h dripper.

Advantage PALADRIP Embodied Dripper Pipe

  • Secures ideal growth conditions for plants.
  • Water and nutritional components are provided directly to the root system of crops.
  • Soil maintains the correct water-air ratio creating the ideal conditions for the growth of plants.
  • Increased quantity and quality of crops minimizing expenses
  • Decreases weed and the need for weed destroyers.
  • Water savings of upto 50% in comparison to other means of irrigation.
  • Dramatic decrease in time and cost of supervision of irrigation networks.

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