- Model 60 - Hydraulic Splitters



Thanks to its two-hands command, the Palax Logsplit 60 hydraulic splitter is very safe, because the splitting movement stops immediately when one of the levers is released. When both levers are released, the pusher automatically reverses. All the moving parts except the pusher are completely covered by the housing.

As standard the machine is equipped with splitting wedges that split in 4 ways which enables suitable logs to be split into 4 parts in one go. To avoid the force falling short, big logs are at first split in two ways. The sharp grooves at the pusher face keep a firm grip of the log so it cannot slip to the side during splitting.

High-speed valve is a standard feature
Small logs may be split at high speed. This means the splitting speed is almost doubled. Splitting of a big log starts with full force and slower speed. When the log starts splitting the higher speed may be activated.

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