- Model Combi M II - Firewood Processors



A versatile and fast Firewood Processor for efficient cutting and splitting of trees up to 25 cm in diameter.The conveyor can be swung by about 2,2 m to the side and it can be locked in five different positions. This speeds up the loading operation notably. If you are processing firewood in bags, you can use two stands.

Palax Combi M II Firewood Processor is also well suited to sawing of slender trees even in bunches. The hard-metal blade of the machine is immune to impurities in the tree. As standard, the machine is equipped with a 4,3 m long, foldable discharge conveyor equipped with two chains. The conveyor is easy to swing into the transport position. The conveyor is equipped with a lifting winch and a handy chain lock. The machine is easy and fast to start up.

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