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- Model SK 200 - Soil Fertility Kit



Measure soil pH and other key nutrients in a simple visual soil test kit containing reagents and hardware for effective soil fertility monitoring.

The Palintest SK 200 Soil Fertility Kit is ideal for agricultural soil testing and soil nutrient studies:

  • Measure soil pH, lime requirement and nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium macronutrients using simple soil testing methods
  • Complete soil test kit including reagents and hardware contained in a single case
  • Developed specifically for portable use by a range of users such as agronomists, farmers and fertiliser professionals.

Read more details about the SK 200 Soil Fertility Kit in the Overview and find out more about the full range of Palintest soil test kits here. For more resources about soil testing visit our Know area.

  • Soil pH Testing
    Measure the key parameter of soil pH with the Soiltester pH block and a soil pH tablet. Visual testing at its simplest with no need for calibration – ever.
  • Lime Requirement/Gypsum Requirement
    Use the soil pH value and the Lime Buffer tablet to determine the Lime Requirement to reach the optimal soil pH value for crop yields.
  • Nitrogen in Soil
    A key parameter for soil fertility, the SK 200 Soil Fertility Kit includes a simple test for nitrogen in soil based on field extraction and colorimetric measurement with the Soiltester N/Mg/P block.
  • Phosphorus in Soil
    A scarce nutrient in many soils, the phosphorus soil test ensures plant nutrition is optimised. Results are clearly indicated by the coloured solution produced and measured in the Soiltester N/Mg/P block.
  • Potassium in Soil
    Complete NPK testing with soil potassium to determine the full range of soil macronutrients.
  • Simple Soil Test Methods
    Based on straightforward tablet methods using simplified extraction techniques where required, the Palintest range of soil test kits employ test methods developed specifically for field use.
  • Comprehensive Kit Contents
    The SK 200 Soil Fertility Kit includes all components required to carry out soil testing wherever results are required, housed in a rugged shoulder case with protective foam for contents.

Soiltester block for Nitrogen and Phosphorus, Soiltester pH block for pH and Lime Requirement, Double Tube Assembly for Potassium. Reagents for 50 tests of each parameter. Soil sample bags (100 off), Sample/Dilution Tube (2 off), filter funnel and filter papers, crush/stir rods, 2ml soil scoop, De-ion pack, cuvette brush, instruction manual. Supplied in a soft shoulder case with internal protective foam.

  • Soil pH Range : pH 4 – 8
  • Lime Requirement : 0 – 34 tonne/ha
  • Nitrogen in Soil : 0 – 25 mg/l N/0 – 110 mg/l NO3
  • Phosphorus in Soil : 0 – 100 mg/l P/0 – 300 mg/l PO4
  • Potassium in Soil : 0 – 280 mg/l K
  • Size (W x L x H) : 150 x 320 x 110mm
  • Weight : 400g

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