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- Model SK 300 - Soil Management Kit



An ideal choice for soil management operations. Extending the range of tests to include calcium, magnesium and soil conductivity, the SK 300 is the combines digital and visual testing. Containing a simple tester block and a pocket conductivity meter it provides comprehensive testing at a competitive price, offering: Tests for multiple parameters, include calcium, nitrate and phosphate. Portable and easy to use in the field. Professional solution, excellent value.

The Palintest Soiltester System
Soil testing plays a vital role in modern agricultural and horticultural management. Regular assessment of major nutrient levels in the soil is essential to make fertiliser recommendations and to ensure optimum growing conditions.

The Palintest system of soil testing is unique. Simple to use test equipment, and reagents in stable tablet form, mean that reliable results can be obtained by all users – with or without formal training in soil analysis.

This is why the Palintest system is used by farmers, growers and specialists throughout the world – you can rely on years of Palintest experience for your soil testing needs.

The Palintest Soiltester system offers a rapid reliable means of soil analysis. The system uses Palintest Soiltester blocks – simple to use colour comparison blocks.

The Palintest Soiltester blocks are integrated with the Palintest range of soil extraction and reagent tablets. They offer therefore a simple colorimetric method of analysis for a range of important soil tests.

Major nutrient tests are carried out by first extracting the nutrients from the soil, and then testing the extracts by simple test procedures. The tests for nitrate and phosphate use colour comparison methods in conjunction with the N/P/Mg Soiltester block. The potassium test uses a simple procedure based on the amount of turbidity (cloudiness) formed in the sample, and the calcium test is based on the Palintest tablet count method.

The SK 300 is supplied with one hard carry case and one soft carry case that includes:1 x Conductivity Pocket Sensor,1 x SK 300 instruction book1 x Soil Tester pH block,1 x Soil Tester N/MG/P, Block,1 x De-ion pack,Reagents for pH, Lime requirement, Nitrate, Phosphate, Phospahte, Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium.

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