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- Model 2.42 - Forest Crane



Noole tõsteulatus, m: 4,2. Lifting torque, gross kNm: 26. Lifting capacity at 4 m w/o grapple and rotator, kg: 570. Lifting capacity at full reach, without grapple and rotator, kg: 540. Slewing cylinders, pcs: 4. Slewing torque, kNm: 6,5. Slewing angle, °: 370. Crane's weight without support legs and valve block, kg: 360. FD type (flap down) outriggers weight, kg: 240. Weight of standard grapple and rotator, kg: 108. Working pressure, bar: 190. Rotator max axial load, kN: 30. Recommended pump capacity, l/min: 20-35.

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