- Model Venti - Pen Divisions


These panels can easily be installed as divisions with several dimensions with variable height. Standard sizes can be cut and welded to form panels of almost any size. The panels are sealed all round so that dirt, mould, and bacteria cannot accumulate inside.

These Paneltim Venti panels are injected with a row of vertical openings:

  • Venti 30 mm: openings with a width of 30 mm x a height of 350 mm per 100 mm.
  • Venti 45 mm: openings with a width of 45 mm x a height of 350 mm per 200 mm.

Visual contact: The visual contact through the row of vertical openings in the Venti panels reduces stress because there is no closed-in effect.

The fact that the narrow openings start half way up the panels means that the smallest piglets, which are the most vulnerable to the transfer of disease, have limited physical contact.

The effect of a partially slatted floor, can be reproduced in these divisions by having part solid and part ventilated, manufactured in 1 piece.

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