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- Fish Bone Type Milking Parlours



This type of milking parlour is the most popular of all solutions used in our country. This is not without reason. This solution is popular because of the simplicity of the system, low cost and small area occupied per one cow. With this solution, the milker has not only a quick access to the cow's udders but also has a comfortable and safe working position.  Placement of cows close to each other saves space and reduces the distance and time of putting on the milking devices. Grouping of cows in the herd as per similar milking times is a key element in the system. Such a solution reduces duration of milking and relieves stress of cows associated with the milking process.

  1. Affordable price and user friendliness
  2. Cows quickly take their places
  3. Safe work for the milker
  4. Adjustment of cow positioning access angle
  5. Many options of adaptation to existing facilities
  6. Optional additional equipment, matching the needs and requirements

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