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- Side by Side Type Milking Parlour



Cows take their places in the milking parlour, standing at the angle of 90 degrees to the milking channel. The ultimate goal of this solution is to ensure high performance owing to quick process of cow positioning for milking and high capacity of the system. Grouping of cows in the herd as per similar milking times is a key element in the system. Such a solution reduces duration of milking and relieves stress of cows associated with the milking process.

Key features and advantages of the side-by-side system:

  1. Quick operation
  2. Milking rate
  3. High performance.
  4. Efficient handling of large herds.
  5. Possibility of adding a herd management system.
  6. Indexation – a forced movement of the chest barrier pushing the cow closer to the edge of the milking channel.

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