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- Swing Arm Milking Parlours



A system with a swing arm serves two stands simultaneously which significantly improves the investment’s cost-efficiency and the system’s later use. This system is relatively unpopular in Poland but rather due to the farmers’ habits than because of the equipment’s features. The main advantage of this milking method is the significantly shorter milking time, by as much as 25% compared to the conventional fish-bone milking parlour. The milker operates two sides of the channel simultaneously. While cows are being milked on one side, the animals on the other side are subject to hygienic treatments and replacement.

Key characteristics and advantages of milking with a Swing Over system:

  1. Fewer milking units – one device handles two sides.
  2. Shorter length of milk transporting pipeline.
  3. Better use of human work in the milking process
  4. Short duration of the entire herd milking

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