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- Model +5.3P - Front Loaders



3,170 kg at pivot pin, ground level. 2,780 kg at pivot pin, max. lift heigth. 2,680 kg 800 mm from pivot pin, ground level. 2,590 kg 800 mm from pivot pin, 1.5 m lift height. 2,450 kg 800 mm from pivot pin, max. lift height. 4,470 kg max. rollback force 800 mm from pivot pin. 
Lifting force at pivot pin. Lifting force 800 mm from pivot pin. Max. rollback force 800 mm from pivot pin

Working angles*

45° max. crowd angle. 52° max. dump angle

Lift height

4.25 metres at pivot pin
3.95 metres under level implement*

*Varies depending on implement.

Tractor Size

Approx. 100-150 hp, 75-112 kW and/or

Rec. tractor weight

Up to approx. 6,000 kg.
In addition to engine strength, the tractor's weight and size influence your choice of loader

Loader weight

721 kg

Accessories and Implements

If you are looking to push productivity up a notch or two. Or comfort. Or ergonomics. Our broad range of accessories and implements will enable you to get the most out of your Trima loader.

Featured Accessory
Multi-coupler MC4

Connect the hydraulic hoses in no time at all. Multi Doc 4 makes sure that problems such as faulty connections, oil leakage or excessive pressure in the hoses never occur.

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Featured Implement


With Powergrab you get the market's best universal implement. Discover all the possibilities available with our leading range of implements.

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