Parallel and Individual Release Parallel Stalls


Turner stalls are built for the long haul.  Durable, long lasting quality that you can depend on. With a bolt together structural frame, and the use of heavy wall pipe and tubing construction, Turner stalls eliminate many of the traditional problems many stalls have.

Turners have addressed many of the other issues that not only are a problem or a want, but so often a necessity.  Such as: Low ceiling height, narrow cow platforms, ability to remodel and install in minimal time, and ability to replace individual components, from a plastic roller to a complete stall.

Vertical Lift to Rapid Exit
No Cables or Chains

No Sequencing Gates in Floor
(no more down and stuck cows)

Stalls in Down or Load Position  |  Stalls in Up or Exit Position

Turner Inc. is proud to introduce our latest innovation in parallel parlor stalls…our Individual Release Parallel.  Once again we have improved on our time proven ability to provide a comfortable stall for the cow without compromising your ability to secure her safely to be milked.  Let us take a look at some of the features and advantages of this our newest stall.

Individual Release Option – Ideal for Large Facilities or Hospital Barns, Individual Cow Sorting, Durable Stainless Steel and UHMW Latches

24″ – 30″ Spacing Available to fit your Registered Holsteins or your Jersey.  One size doesn’t fit all.

Air Powered Gang Indexing is available, which allows the cows to be brought closer to the milker for ease of milking.

Entry Into Turner Stalls is Open and Inviting.

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