Parallel Axis Cattle Squeeze Chute



Designed to work hard so you don’t have to. Hi-Hog’s Parallel Axis Squeeze Chute is highly regarded for its effortless operation, efficient design, superior craftsmanship, and unmatched accessibility.

 Hi-Hog’s handling system can be easily operated by one man. The parallel axis squeeze chute with it’s automatic headgate makes this possible. Simply set the headgate to receive the lead animal and then you are free to walk to the rear of the handling system where you can bring the first set of animals into the handling system.  By working from behind your livestock you are able to work their flight zones and avoid animal hesitation in the alley or squeeze. The lead animal, with no operator distracting them at the squeeze, will enter the squeeze and trigger the headgate with little effort or hesitation. After the lead animal has been processed simply release the headgate and reset it for the next animal. Once again you are free to walk away from the squeeze and focus on working the flight zones of your livestock.

  • Outside Length: 108'
  • Inside Length: 96'
  • Outside Height: 85'
  • Inside Clearance: 72.5'
  • Base Width: 40'
  • Outside Width: 58'
  • Inside Width, Min: 12', Max: 32
  • Weight: 1,697 lbs
  • Item *1550

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