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- Model Index 90 - Parallel Milking Parlours



A parallel rapid exit parlour designed for high throughputs. A parallel rapid exit parlour designed for high throughputs. The unit provides individual indexing of the cows ensuring optimum udder presentation. Gravity controlled indexing gates hold the animals in position whilst being milked then lift up and out of the way to allow them to exit. These gates can be opened individually to release a cow for treatment or segregation. Sequence gates between the cows allow cow to cow contact putting nervous animals at ease. The animals can clear the stalls in seconds overcoming slow transfer. Is fully integrated with Fullwood Crystal herd management software

Resulting in many benefits for the farmer:

  • High throughput will reduce overall milking time
  • Safe, clean conditions for hygienic milk production
  • Quiet stress-free environment

Benefits For The Dairy Farmer:  

  • 90 degree cow positioning for excellent udder presentation
  • Sequential gates to speed up cow entry
  • Wide exit passage for quick cow dispersal

Key Features:

  • Available with or without feeding
  • Pit edge kerbing available
  • Splash shield in stainless steel with dung tray
  • Option for Cleanline system – all enclosed stainless steel cabinets to house all milking equipment
  • Sizes from double 5 to double 40

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