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- Model HYD - Chutes Set


Parasal Hyd Chutes set the standards for hyd chutes. We were the frist to put palpation doors in Hyd chutes. We were the first to put the hyd valves on a swing arm to go from one side to the other and to be able to position anywere around the chute. We developed removable sternum or breast bar you see in about all chutes today. Our standard chute is a lot of chute bulider's deluxe models.


Standard on our chutes

  1. 112'' between head gate and tail gate
  2. 6'6'' tall
  3. Main frame is 21/2'' square 1/4''ubing
  4. Side squeeze are 21/2'' square 3/16'' tubing
  5. Floor is 1/4 thread plate or 7/8 rebar floor
  6. Head & Tail Gate open to 30'' and close to 41/2 ''
  7. Head gate is fully wrapped in 7/8'' rubber padding to cushion the cattle's neck and shoulders
  8. Hyd neck extender goes from 0 to 18'' . No one compares to ours. It is safe and humane to the cattle. Adds convenience for neck shots,tagging and implanting cattle
  9. Hyd valves that can be positioned anywhere around the chute
  10. Removable sternum or breast bar that keep cattle from going down in the chute
  11. All major pivot points have high impact plastic in them
  12. Permanent Hyd chute has 5hp eletric pump
  13. Portable Hyd chute has a 13hp electric start Honda motor
  14. Permanent Hyd chute weight 4200#
  15. Portable Hyd chute weight 5200#

Our chutes are built for years and years of service.

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