- Model Rigid - Rollaharrow


The Parma Rollaharrow comes in various sizes ranging from 12ft to 24ft in a rigid frame. The 4-Bar units come standard with four rows of heavy duty S-Tines properly spaced to allow optimum tillage without trash buildup and plugging. Also among the standard features is a hydraulically controlled leveling bar to smooth and level the soil behind the S-Tines. The Parma original 'wheel forward' axle design with 12-ply tires lifts the front end first to provide better balance for quick lifting and smoother operation in turnaround and transport. The 'loose fit' style front and rear packer rollers are available in various sizes and cast steel ring composites. Also available are crowfoot rollers and welded pipe rollers all mounted on large 2 3/16' shafts and triple-lipped sealed bearings.

  • Sizes Range From 12 to 24 feet in Width
  • Extended Rear Roller Option
  • Tractor Requirements: 7-10 hp per foot (i.e. 20ft x 10hp = 200hp)

  • Overall Length (approx.): 24' (15 w/o tongue) 4-bar
  • Towing Width: Add 1' to designated width (12'-24')
  • Shipping Width: - .
  • Front Roller Installed: 13'2'    4-Bar
  • Front Roller not Installed: 12'  4-Bar
  • Spring Teeth (S-Tine): Heavy Duty 1/2 x 1-1/4 High Clearance Opt.
  • Reversible Points: 1-1/2' Wide
  • Tires & Wheels: 2'-16' 9.5L x 158ply (Std.), 18'-24' 11L x 15 12ply (Std.)

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