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The Parmiter Spring Harrow has been developed as a simple dual purpose tool for pasture maintenance and cereal weeding. It is the most versatile cost effective machine that you will ever own!

The Parmiter range is 3 point linkage mounted and available in 3 working widths of 3m, 4.5m and 6m. Both the 4.5m and 6m models are equipped with standard hydraulic folding. All models feature two adjustable guage wheels with a further two available as an option. Each harrow consists of 1.5m wide sections.

These sections can flex both individually and independently of each other to allow accurate ground contour following. Each section consists of 6 rows of oil tempered 8mm spring steel tines. There are 60 tines per section which gives an effective spacing of 1 inch. The double coiled tine spring provides both flexibility and a vibrating action.

Height is adjusted using the guage wheels and tine angle is adjusted using the 8 position lever system. These two adjustments give the operator tremendous flexibility to adjust down pressure according to the job in hand. Light down pressure controlled by the wheels and a shallow tine angle will give a light scarifying effect on fine commercial grass, where as more down pressure and a steeper tine angle give enough aggression to level manure.

Working widths of up to 6m and forward speeds of between 4mph and 8mph give large work rates with only a 50 hp tractor needed. This makes the Parmiter harrow one of the most cost effective pieces of equipment on the farm.

The Parmiter Spring Harrow can be used for:

  • tears out moss and dead thatched grass to stimulate new growth
  • breaks up the soil surface and encourages aireation
  • breaks up slurry and muck after spreading
  • spreads manure and levels mole hills
  • harrows in seed after drilling
  • rejuvenate pasture and under sow crops using a harrow mounted seeder
  • remove broad leaved weeds from cereals and combinable crops

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