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- Model Almeria Type - Parral or Greenhouse



Rufepa has constructed for more than 30 years this greenhouse structure for crop protection, there are different names for this structure depending on the geographical area in Spain where it is used, 'parral', 'Almeria Type Greenhouse' , 'canary type greenhouse' or 'raspa and amagado'.

In general, this structure is made with steel pipes of differents sizes and thickness of hot dipped galvanized steel,  braid wires, connections and perimeter anchors. If there is only one single bay the greenhouse is called parral, in other case that the greenhouse has more than 2 bays it is called 'raspa y amagado'.

Total height of these units goes from 2,5 to 3,5 metres in the sides and fronts and from 4,5 to 5,5 metres in the highest point of the greenhouse. Assembly is really important with this structure due to a bad assembly will create water evacuation problems and low resistance to the crop load and winds, instead a good assembly gives the best resistance to winds of all plastic greenhouses. It is really suitable structure for low humidity and mild temperature locations such us the mediterranean countries.

Important points to take into account are is low investment cost, possibility of including double or single roof ventilation which can be manual or motorized.

As product reference:

  • R-PA80
  • R-PA100

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