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The Sienna is the smallest in our range. It is a medium powered tractor, comes in 26 or 35 hp engines, and weighs in at just 890kg. The sienna is especially suited to working in small garden areas, but is equally suitable for working in large paddocks and on hilly ground and in tight spaces.

The new Siena range are medium power articulated tractors with centre pivot and equal-size front and rear wheels. 

They are a new concept in agricultural machinery. Dynamic and rational, they are designed to meet the diverse needs of the Hobby-Farmer and all the specialized agriculture activity in farming, greenhouses, nurseries, micro-farming and poultry farming.

The compact dimensions and reduced steering radius allow these tractors to move easily through all crop rows.

Powerful engines with low emission levels make the Siena ideally suited to a wide range of applications.

Permanent 4-wheel drive and excellent stability enable these tractors to work on any type of terrain and in all weather conditions.

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