Pasture Mat



THE FIRST COW MATTRESS IN THE WORLD – AND STILL THE BEST The Pasture Mat cow mattress is an essential component of The Comfort Zone. The Pasture Mat can rightfully be called the most successful cow mattress. Every day, over 3 million cows across the globe experience the natural feeling given by the Pasture Mat. The Pasture Mat consists of various components. The first is a base mattress filled with rubber granulate that acts as a shock-absorber when the cow lies down. Furthermore, the Pasture Mat offers sufficient traction when standing up so that the cow does not slip. A unique and very durable top cover completes the unit. What makes this top cover special is that it allows the cow's body heat to pass through without letting moisture through. This is not the case in mattresses with a top cover made of rubber or PVC; cows on these mattresses sweat more and the free stall is often wet as a result of condensation or leaking milk.

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