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With the Pack Mat Cowhouse International has the solution for farmers who would like to have the comfort of sand or deep bedded boxes, but are reluctant to the disadvantages. Main objections are high costs for materials, labor, manure treatment and the inconsistency of the bedding.

The Pack Mat consists of a stabile base mattress with a special top cover. The mattress will be placed deeper and will be covered with a layer of straw or sand of 6-8 cm. This will prevent the cows digging holes in the bedding and it will prevent a lot of sand or litter getting into the manure. Practice has shown that savings in sand or litter may reach 50-80%.

On top of that the lying places stay much cleaner because the cow can use the total surface of the box and the level of the bedding does not decrease. In traditional boxes this does happen which leads to more dirt and it leads to cows unpleasantly touching the end of the box.

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