- 12` and 16` Movable Plow-Off Belt Conveyors/Feeders



Move feed, wood by-products, recycled materials, separated manure fibers, poultry litter, compost materials, and other bulky materials. Select from one-way or two-way movable plow directing material to multiple locations. Plow-off operation with either one or two-motor drive. Choice of belt widths ranging from 12 inches to 16 inches (305mm to 406mm). Choose from a variety of overall lengths ranging from 20 ft to 200 ft (6.1 m to 60.9 m). Choice of mounting configurations, including ceiling, side, and floor mounts

Adjustable Decline Elbow
Elevate materials and then convey level with an adjustable decline elbow (0° - 30°). The belt stays concave with a deep trough when passing over the elbow for maximum capacity. 

12- to 16-Inch Belts
Choose 12-inch or 16-inch belt with concave, deep-trough design for maximum capacity. Customized lengths up to 120 feet.

One-Way Floating Plow
The one-way floating plow drops feed off one side of the feeder only, but can feed up to two lots different rations by using the 2-motor drive feeder.

Two-Way Floating Plow The two-way floating plow can plow off either side of the belt and is also used if you wish to reverse the belt for adding feed at various points. A remote electrical control is used to switch feeding from one side of the bunk to the other. Feed up to four lots different rations by using a 2-motor drive feeder and a plow drive assembly. An optional deflector on the plow drops feed closer to the feeder.

Open-Pan Design
Open-pan design provides deep trough for extra capacity and reduces belt friction for lower power requirements. Fin pulley helps avoid feed buildup.

One Motor Drive
One motor drives both the belt and plow (roller-chain drive) to feed one lot, or to feed two lots different rations when the bunk is split lengthwise. The plow reverses around a pulley automatically and smoothly at each end of the feeder with continuous-loop cable drive.

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