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The Urban CalfMom enables the fully automatic feeding of your calves. This not only saves you much work and time, but you also benefit from many additional advantages of this extremely well thought-out feeding machine. The Urban CalfMom is equipped for all tasks: It will alternatively feed calf milk replacer or up to 100% whole milk while monitoring the calves like a mother. If a calf does not drink the previously measured individual amount, the CalfMom will raise the alarm immediately. Once you’ve used the Urban CalfMom to feed you’ll never want to miss it. Test it and see for yourself!

  • flexible integration in every stall and expandable with practical accessories
  • can be developed to a centrally controlled feeder network for larger live stocks
  • best hygiene: cleaning program with two different rinsing agents and integrated teat cleaning
  • Compact, frost-resistant stainless steel housing
  • Highest material and production qualityDon’t let timedictate your schedule!

Many activities at your farm are tied to defined times of the day and deadlines, often making the workday rather stressful. Using the CalfMom lets you cancel two daily obligatory deadlines from your calendar - because feeding is now done by MOM! For the remaining animal check, which you may carry out at any time, you are essentially supported by the CalfMom with alarm and monitoring lists.

Saving  time
means saving money!
  • Die Investition in eine Kälbermama amortisiert sich bereits im zweiten Jahr – ganz sicher!
  • Die Investition in eine Urban Kälbermama amortisiert sich schneller als jede andere ­Investition in Stalltechnik  wie zum Beispiel Melkroboter, Automatisiertes Einstreuen der Liegeboxen, Roboter zur Spaltenreinigung oder  Fütterungsroboter. Nach Wijnand Hogenkamp: Kleine investeringen leveren snel tijdswinst BOERDERIJ/VEEHOUDERIJ 90 – no. 10    (10 mei 2005)

Very compact construction

The Urban CalfMom is characterised by a very compact construction, is very flexible in use and simple to maintain.The high quality workmanship with stainless steel components is the basis for a long operating life - this is where Urban makes a differencet. The CalfMom is frost-resistantbecause the integrated teat unit means there are no suction hoses outside of the housing. In addition, the waste heat of the boiler and the motors in the interior of the housing account for a microclimate that reliably prevents freezing.

Monitor the health of the herd

The CalfMom helps you monitor the health of the herd: A health evaluation is done each day for every animal. This includes the individual drinking speed, the visiting behaviour at the stations and the amount of feed eaten by the animal. Based on this evaluation, you can detect sick animals much earlier and respond immediately before the illness breaks out completely.

Remaining milk quantity measurement
Remaining milk quantity measurement and mixing bowl heater as standard : The CalfMom measures the exact quantity of remaining milk which a calf did not drink. Conventional systems only measure a full or empty filling condition. In addition, the milk in the heated mixing bowl is maintained at a constant temperature level, whereas the systems of other manufacturers will serve cooled down milk to the next calf.

Cleaned fully automatically
The feeder and the suction hoses are cleaned fully automatically, safely and hygienically with alternating alkaline and acidic detergents.

Flexible teat including exterior cleaning
The suction unit has a flexible teat including exterior cleaning with water. After a visit by a calf, the flexible teat moves to its park position and is only available to the next calf that has entitlement to feed. Moreover, the teat is completely cleaned during the main cleaning (alkaline/acidic). Thanks to the smooth surface, the entire suction unit remains clean for a long time and can be very easily cleaned on the inside and outside.

Straightforward display

The straightforward display guarantees that the numerous control and management functions are invoked easily!

Spacious powder compartment

The spacious powder compartment with low filling height has room for up to 35 kg (77 lbs) of milk powder. Whole milk feeding from 0 to 100% is possible.

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