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- Model Fog - Control your Climate


PB Techniek's wide experience in the use of fog installations has allowed us to develop the ideal system: PB Fog. A plant consists of 80-90% water. Water is the vital building block for crops, as it functions as a means of transport, whilst at the same time cooling the plant. This evaporation takes place through the stomata. The rate at which this evaporation takes place is determined by heat, CO2 concentration, light and water. The humidity in the leaves of a plant is 100%.

  • The premier quality nozzles are each supplied with an anti-drip system. The system features a ceramic nozzle plate.
  • The entire installation is produced in stainless steel, eliminating the possibility of electrolysis occurring between different metals.
  • Every installation is professionally executed, ensuring that each connection meets with the demands of the food industry.

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