B. W. Implement Company

Model PC1 - Vegetable Mulcher


Designed for narrow bed vegetables such as carrots, onions, and lettuce, these versatile mulchers can be used in a wide variety of vegetable crops and in all soil conditions. These rugged machines are manufactured to out-perform all other power mulchers and can also apply and incorporate herbicides and fertilizers while maintaining the uniformity of bed shape, width, and height.

  • 11' landslides for PC1-60, PC1-66, PC1-72, PC1-80 & PC1-84
  • Detachable V-bottom to convert 1-row to 2-row configurations
  • Material spray pump and stainless steel boom
  • Model PC1-60 thru PC1-84 installed
  • Model PC1-60 thru PC1-84 field kit

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