PDQ Drum and Pail Pallets

Drum Pallet measures 48'' x 48'' x 5 3/4'', safely contains up to 12 gallons of leakage or overflow, helps keep floors and surrounding areas clean. Up to 4 drums fit securely in molded grooves, won´t wobble during transport. Multi-Purpose Pallet measures 40'' x 48'' x 6'', handles a wide range of containers from large drums to small diameter pails. Made of FDA Compliant and USDA Compliant resin pallets may be steam cleaned and decontaminated. 4-way entry for lift trucks with maximum 5'' wide and minimum 40'' long forks. Hand pallet jacks must have minimum 20'' space between forks. Pallets with drums can be stacked 3 high when loaded, 9000 lb. static load capacity. General purpose load capacity is 25,000 lbs. 25 pallets nest to 84'' height.

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