Peach Blossom Thinner


The advantages of blossom thinning have been known for many years. Early blossom removal allows the tree's vigor to be used only for the fruit intended for harvest. This increases the fruit size and at the same time, eliminates many hours of costly hand thinning. This mechanical thinning machine, with its many features, makes blossom thinning a practical way to save both time and money. This will enable the grower to experience a better crop and a higher profit.

  • Hydraulic driven rotor with variable speed for smooth, effective operation.
  • Rugged build for less maintenance.
  • Can be carried on a standard forklift tractor.
  • Uses tractor hydraulics for easy hookup.
  • Adjustable for different tree row widths.
  • Counterweighted to decrease side load on the tractor.
  • Ropes can be easily replaced when worn.

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