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Peanut Butter Machine



Marina Peanut Butter Machines are ideal to extract Fresh Peanut Paste from Roasted Peanuts.It is ideal machine for semi commercial projects involving projects where rural self employment are involved. It is extensively used machine for getting smooth peanut butter paste from roasted peanuts.It gives smooth and crunchy peanut butter paste. This machines is ideal for both domestic use as well as small commercial projects.

  • Item Code: Peanut-Butter_Machine
  • Marina Peanut Butter Machine extracts smooth Peanut Paste.
  • It is ideal for semi commercial projects involving rural self employment.
  • Presents opportunity at village level to process their own ground nuts and sell them in the form of fresh peanut butter paste.
  • It is easy to clean and optimum hygiene levels can be maintained.
  • It requires 2 HP motor.

  • Model     Output/Kgs
  • MP 250     150-180Kgs/Hrs

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