Model PEC-9200 - Egg Belt Controller



A constant supply of eggs is vital in order to utilise your farmpacker’s capacity to the full. The PEC-9200 controls and monitors this process. The design of this controller ensures that the eggs are offered to the farmpacker with the greatest accuracy and at the highest speed possible. Damage to your eggs is prevented and packing times are minimised to enable you to recoup your investment fast. The PEC-9200 also has an egg counting function. Highly accurate registration of all eggs laid per individual tier and row gives you comprehensive information about your animals’ egg production. The optional reversing detection ensures that any reverse movement of the belt will not result in counting inaccuracies. You control and monitor the entire process for continuity in production performance.

Egg belt controller to optimise your packing system
  • With egg counter - max. 240 counters
  • Suitable for up to 10 tiers and 24 rows
  • Optimises the supply of eggs to the farmpacker
  • Very high collecting capacity
  • Accurate registration of the eggs laid per row and per tier
  • Automatic egg belt speed control using the previous days’ collection data
  • Information about laying percentage when combined with the PL-9200
  • Can be expanded with optional reversing detection
  • ‘Egg saver’ control unit
  • Morning control function to distribute the eggs on the belt more effi ciently
  • Drives a vacuum cleaner
  • 25 external alarm inputs

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