UNI-MASZ H.M. Juszczuk Sp.j.

Peelers: Brush, Corundum, Corundum-Brush



Corundum peeler is used to rub the vegetables skin after initial washing: potato, carrot, beet, celery etc. Product from charge basket is taken by the horizontal screw which is moving it under rotating rollers covered with corundum. Inside the chamber there is the water spray installed to help washing processed product and flush down the peelings to the filtration screw. Impurities with water are taken by the filtration screw transporter, mounted on the chamber bottom part, and moved through slotted ' sieve. Used water is going outside (to be filtrated in the drum filter where the circulation pump is pumping again to initial sprinklers section and to the initial product washer — optional). Strained impurities are pushed by the filtration screw outside the unit.

Product pushing screw rotation speed is regulated to obtain the required capacity and the product quality. Corundum rollers rotation speed is also regulated. Two sections of the corundum rollers motors 4+4 to set the concurrent or backward rotation. Interchanging, service without the frame disassembling. After opening the unit covers it is easy to clean from inside. Made from stainless steel AISI 304.

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