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The tilling with a disk harrow is done for loosening the top soil layer, for leveling the surface of the field, for breaking the soil crust and the clods, for destroying the weeds and for burying seeds and fertilizers. One of the main tasks is the preparation of the area for the forthcoming sowing. The basic principle when preparing the soil is to get the soil loosened without lumps and with hard bed. When the quality of the processing is low, the seeds fall at various depths. Part of them are buried very shallow, some at great depths and a big part of them remains at the surface of the ground. The aim of using a disk harrow is to prepare the area at equal depth in a plane.

The main tasks of the disc harrowing are:

  1. Increase the quantity of the air in the soil, i.e. improves soil aeration.
  2. Increases the water absorption of the soil during rainfall and irrigation.
  3. Improves the thermal characteristics of soil i.e. its thermal absorption and conductivity. A good example is when the snow melts on plowed and not plowed land (or sown areas with winter crops). The snow on the plowed areas melts faster than the one over the others.
  4. Improves the biological and chemical factors, i.e. improves the biological processes in the soil. In essence, the biological activity directly dependents on the depth of soil cultivation. When the processing is deeper the plant residues are better buried and the development of nitrifying bacteria, which decomposes the residues, is more intensive.

AUTOLINK produces disc harrows with sizes from 3 m to 9 m for tractors from 80 hp to 350 hp from medium to heavy type with a pressure of the disc of 130 kg

The independent suspension of the discs provides the ability each of them to monitor the soil profile. Thanks to this the depths of working is always the same. The bearing of each disc on elastic rubber spring elements allows an individual adjustment to the conditions of the soil. The adjustment of the depth of the discs is done via a hydraulic mechanism which raises or lowers the leveling roller in the rear. Available is an option for adjustment according to the state and type of the soil through a regulation mechanism of the first tier of disks, which allows shifting the entire line, providing quality treatment of the soil.

For this harrow can be produced and installed a roller depending on the type of the soil that will be handled and depending on customer's desire. Available for mounting are discs type 510, 560 and 610, as the smallest are designed for pre-sowing treatment, while the largest ones are for stubbles. For rollers of 510 mm, the harrow passes from a medium to a light one. The disc harrow is designed in two types - it can operate directly attached to a tractor or by attaching it to a draw-bar. The second one is equipped with cart and a draw-bar. The cart has a hydraulic control system, allowing adequate clearance for transportation and work on the field when performing maneuvers.


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