- Reversible Ploughs



The plough PEGAS achieves operational depth of 35 cm. We offer ploughs with 3 to 9 bodies as the necessary power of the tractor is from 80 hp to 350 hp. Ploughs with up to 5 operational bodies are offered with direct attachment to the tractor. Their working depth is adjusted mechanically by moving the wheel through the support screw. Ploughs with 5 to 9 bodies are semi-coupling. The operational depth is set by the hydraulic control of the support wheel. The operational width for each body can be adjusted from 35 cm to 50 cm (14 '-20'). The adjustment can be mechanical - by degrees, through four openings, as well as hydraulic – a non-degree one, by simultaneously changing the angle of the main beam and the working bodies. The ploughs are available with classic protection with cut pin as well as with an automatic non-stop system with hydraulic control of the effort.

Plowing is the main way for deep tillage. Main tasks faced by this operation are:

  1. To amend the structure of the plowed layer and its structural condition in order to create favorable moisture, air and thermal conditions;
  2. To stimulate and accelerate the cycle of the nutrients in the plowed layer and to optimize the microbiological processes;
  3. To destroy the weeds in the arable land, as well as some disease causes and pests in the crops;
  4. To bury in the necessary depth some soil debris, fertilizers and pesticides;
  5. To protect the soil from water and wind erosion;
  6. To create optimal conditions for sowing seeds or planting crops at the required depth.

The reversible plough is a modern farm item, providing soil tillage and efficient operation. By this plough the plowing is done in a shuttle manner thanks to the symmetrical pair bodies. In the first direction the plowing is carried out on the right and in the other – on the left. Formed are ridges. This type of plowing is called 'smooth'.

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