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- Model 5000 - Self Propelled Buggy Shaker



PELLENC brings its expertise in intensive fruit-growing to the Buggy 5000. Operating comfort translates to performance and precision, while protecting the trees.

  • Complete the harvest of up to 1,200 trees per day.
  • Works on saplings as well as centuries-old trees.
  • The integrated electronics make manoeuvring easy for new operators and increases the efficiency of experienced operators.
  • 1 joystick for flexible and precise steering of the arm and the pinch grip.
  • Besides olives, you can also harvest cherries, almonds, walnuts, oranges, and plums, and others fruits.
  • The mechanically welded structure with various hoops and a lap belt protect the operator.
  • Up to 99 % of all olives harvested depending on the variety, pruning method and ripeness.
  • Very low centre of gravity for driving on gradients (up to 60 %) and slopes (up to 45 %).
  • 3 speeds to choose from: snail – tortoise – hare, for different ground conditions (stone, grass, mud, steep slopes, etc.).
  • Sustainable protection of your trees.
  • Evenly distributed weight and wide tires for improved protection of the soil.

Protection of the harvest
With its telescopic arm BUGGY 5000 does not roll on fallen fruit or into the nets.

Can be used on all types of terrain
Low centre of gravity. 2 fixed wheels at the front and one swivel wheel at the rear. Instinctive operation and anticipation of reactions. Maximum gradient: 60%. Maximum slope: 45%.

Ergonomic cab
Sun visor.
Anti-dust air jet.
Noise-filtering windows.
2 Joysticks with all controls.
Anti-crushing roll-over protection.


or continuous cooling of the grip cushions, which heat up with very intensive use.


  • 4 types of rubber flaps:
  • 4 mm: saplings
  • 6 mm: saplings
  • 10 mm: adult trees
  • 15 mm: large mature trees

Soft cushions for fragile trees

Hard cushions

Grip CB15
30 cm diameter maximum.

CB 50 pinch grip
60 cm diameter maximum.

CB 80 pinch grip
80 cm diameter maximum.

Fragile trunk kit
Protects the bark of saplings by automatically adjusting the tightness of the pinch grip.

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