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Pellenc SA

- Model 8090 - Towed Harvester



With a cleanliness rate of 99.82% in the bin, the harvest can go straight into the vat. Principle proven by over 1500 users.

  • Working speed of up to 7 km/h.
  • Total bin capacity up to 3,000 L.
  • Functions well in dense vegetation.
  • High yield.
  • Unrivalled quality.
  • 82% of good berries in the bin with Selectiv’ Process.
  • Optimal collection around posts.
  • Protection of foliage (no shearing).
Easy to handle
  • Auto-guidance in the rows.
  • All controls are in the cab.
  • Easy Smart system.
  • Work on side slope of up to 32.5%.
  • Suitable for all vineyards.
  • Minimum maintenance with easy access to the zones to be cleaned.
  • All settings can be carried out from the cabin using EASY SMART with 10 different configurations.
  • Efficient self-diagnostics helps the After Sales Service department and eases maintenance.
  • Optimised for driving on the road.
  • Bin emptying at 3 meters.
  • Easy headland turning with large offset angle.
  • “Auto-torque” servomotor.
  • 50% less expensive than a self-propelled harvesting machine.
  • Spare the cost of a destemmer and sorting table with the “Selectiv’ Process On-Board”.

Sorting table

100 % of leaves are removed as well as 95 % of whole stalks.
The sorting table consists of a series of feeder rollers that distribute the berries on the sorting table, and aligns waste to evacuate it.
The adjustable screen roller allow the berries to fall into in the bins intact.

Linear destemmers

Intact berries thanks to its high frequency linear destemmers. Once detached, the berries pass through the grid conveyor belt and land on the roller sorting table.
(1) – Feeder Fingers. Constant flow. Limits fragmentation.
(2) – Grid conveyor belt.
(3) – High frequency linear destemmer

L-shaped design

Open-back conveyor: transports the harvest without jamming or restarting and eliminates foreign bodies out the back.
No loss of juice, only 30 % of the grapes pass under the height adjustable suction fans.

Quality sorting

From the moment the berries are picked thanks to the innovative flexible sorter conveyor system.

Easy to maintain

The modular belt with stainless steel chains make changing wear parts quick and easy.

Optimum harvest quality

99.82%* of good berries in the bin.

No loss on the ground
Efficiency and speed of harvesting with the longest lower sealing on the market (2.5 m).
Catcher trays mounted on elastic joints:

  • Limits the stress on the vine (open angle)
  • Increases the life of the plates
  • Directs the berries onto the conveyors
  • Ensures perfect sealing.
Auto torque system

Drives the harvesting machine uphill and brakes automatically when going downhill. This is made possible by the continuous synchronisation of the speed of the machine with that of the tractor, controlled by the drawbar traction force.

Optimal capacity

The 8000 series has two bins that can hold up to 1,500 L each. Emptying can be performed simultaneously at up to 3 meters in height.

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