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- Pole Tree Pruning Shears



The TREELION range of pruning shears have been designed for professionals looking for power, a large cutting diameter, and productivity, all with outstanding work quality.

  • PELLENC Brushless, frictionless, very high efficiency, and maintenance-free electric motor.
  • No compressor or hydraulic unit.
  • Suitable for intensive pruning.
  • Autonomous or adaptable version.
  • PELLENC ULiB Multifunction battery.
  • The most powerful shears on the market for unsurpassed cutting quality and intensive work.
  • Up to 45 mm cutting diameter.
  • A minimum of 1 full day’s work with the 250 batteryand up to 5 days’ work with a multifunction battery.
  • Three modes of operation: continuous, pulsed and intermediate/wide opening.
  • Adjustable blade overlap.
  • 3 two-handed pole models for working at height and greater precision.
  • Handles and cutting heads swivel for left-handers.
  • Automatic safety standby.
  • Zero emissions.
  • Silent.

3 operating modes
  • Progressive: for precision work.
  • Pulse: for quick, repeated cuts.
  • Wide opening: for switching from an intermediate opening to a wide opening with the single press of the trigger.
Flexibility of use

Pruning shears adjustment:

  • Blade angle opening: 5 intermediate opening positions.
  • Angle of blade overlap: 6 blade overlap and hook positions.
Double handle
  • 3 two-handed models.
  • Great precision.
  • Right-handed/left-handed use.
  • For working at height or in dense vegetation.
Double trigger

Switch with a single press of a button from an intermediate to a wide opening.
Speed and ease of use.

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