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- Model M12 - Chainsaw Trimmer



The SELION M12 is the lightest chainsaw pruner on the market with exceptional cutting quality and ease of use.

  • Zero fuel consumption.
  • PELLENC Brushless electric motor—frictionless, very high efficiency, maintenance-free.
  • Outstanding lifespan: PELLENC Brushless motor runs at 5,400 rpm  with no wear, or sparks and develops maximum power for its minimum size.
  • Consumes 30 % less oil than a combustion motor tool.
  • Exceptional cutting quality and precision with the Carving guide specifically for pruning.
  • Get a full day’s work done without recharging with the right battery.
  • A chainsaw pruner for pruning branches of up to 15 cm in diameter in vineyards and orchards.
  • Automatic chain tension.
  • Ergonomic Soft Touch handle.
  • Electronic chain brake for working safely.
  • The design of the guide and OREGON chain limit the kickback phenomenon.
  • Ultra-lightweight tool: 1,700 g.
  • Integrated retractable key for adjusting the chain tension.
  • Lateral sawdust ejection.


  • Zero emissions and zero waste.
  • No disturbing noise pollution or odours.


Safety is paramount and PELLENC has developed 4 innovations to help protect the user:

  1. Kickback sensor with electronic start-up: this device instantly triggers an electric chain brake in the event of a fall or kickback, and is 8 times more sensitive than a combustion enfine-operated chainsaw chain brake.
  2. The double-press start-up trigger prevents accidental start-up of the chainsaw.
  3. Auto-diagnostics of the tool: SELION checks during first use that the electronic kickback sensor is operational, if this is the case, the machine will operate.
  4. Little kickback OREGON ® chains: the kickback phenomenon, if it occurs, will be much less violent.
Integrated retractable key

For tightening the chain and quick access to the pinion and chain.

Automatic chain tension

The chain guide is mounted on a spring which tightens the chain automatically.

Electronic management  of oil flow

The system adjusts chain lubrication according to the cutting force required.

Electronic chain brake

The chain brake activates instantly in case of fall or kickback.

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