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- Model k - Soil Activation & Dry Manure/Compost Activator



(soil activation & dry manure/compost activator) promotes an accelerated aerobic process in compost, field residue and barns and stables. In dry manure and other compostable materials it facilitates a more complete and balanced decomposition process, reduces composting time and produces nutrient rich humus as an end product. Field application of penergetic k is beneficial for soil fertility, texture and formation as it stimulates the breakdown of plant residue, activates soil micro-organisms and helps to convert fixed nutrients in the soil to a more plant available form. Application to litter in poultry barns or bedding in horse or livestock stalls acts to reduce ammonia odour, moderates the incidence of pathogens and supports the decomposition of soiled litter or bedding material.

Soil Activator - build better humus

By working with the biological processes in nature, Penergetic k stimulates the microorganisms in soil, compost and manure.

  • promotes healthy fertile soil
  • stabilizes the decomposition process
  • strengthens the soil food web
  • reduces the need for fertilizer and farm chemicals

“Penergetic k works with the biological processes in nature to stimulate the microogranisms in the soil”

Penergetic k can be used for three different purposes:

  • In Fields: accelerates the decomposition process of field residue, activates soil micro- organisms and assists in releasing fixed nutrients locked in organic and mineral soil layers
  • For Dry Manure and Compost: stimulates an accelerated aerobic decomposition proecess, reduces odour and other nuisances and produces a nutrient rich humus
  • On Poultry Litter, Stables and Livestock Bedding: acts as a conditioner to improve the barn environment by reducing ammonia and insects, supporting disease suppression and decomposing poultry/livestock fecal matter and litter/bedding

Penergetic k is OMRI-listed so is suitable for organic,

transitional and conventional methods of agriculture. 

Penergetic k is somewhat unique among the Penergetic products in that, unlike the other products, with penergetic k a higher application rate produces a bigger effect (especially in composting and barns/stables usages).


Soil Treatment

  • Conditions the soil to support the development of healthy plants
  • Creates the conditions for better root growth and increased root exploration capacity
  • Nurtures the soil food web and stimulates the activity of soil micro-organisms
  • Increases soil’s water absorption capacity and resistance to drought conditions
  • Supports the release of fixed soil nutrients thereby aiding soil fertility

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