Penergetic Solutions

- Model W - For Water Remediation


For optimal performance, animals need to feel healthy, be stress free and be able to fully metabolize feed and nutrients. Penergetic t can be taken in minute doses by all livestock species. Supports water’s self-cleaning capacity. Controls algae growth and development. Activates beneficial aquatic microorganisms. Re-establish ecological balance in water. Refurbishes groundwater resources.

Provides biological stimulation for:

  • surface water
  • wastewater
  • groundwater

Areas of Application

  • Small lakes
  • Farm ponds
  • Garden ponds, koi ponds
  • Artificial ponds and fountains
  • Drinking water storage reservoirs
  • Groundwater wells, cisterns

May also be used on:

  • Wastewater treatment lagoons
  • Industrial process water
  • Settling ponds

  • improves water quality and clarity
  • stabilizes aquatic ecological equilibrium
  • eliminates aquatic putrefaction bacteria
  • controls algae growth to a natural level
  • mineralizes bottom sludge and sediment
  • lowers total phosphate concentration in the water
  • reduces carbon production and phytoplankton in water body
  • mitigates production of harmful gases (e.g. ammonia and nitric oxide)
  • improves conditions for aquatic flora and fauna
  • enhances aquatic feature’s aesthetics
  • improves quality and taste of drinking water

  • 100% natural ingredients and process
  • Treats the causes, not the symptoms, of an imbalanced aquatic environment
  • Provides customized approach tailored to specific applications
  • Has been proven effective through over 25 years of use
  • Moderate application cost
  • Environmentally friendly

Often treatment of water bodies is directed at eradicating a symptomatic condition (e.g. eliminate unsightly algae). Frequently, this is by chemical means and no attempt is made to address the underlying cause of the eutrophic condition which prompted the problem situation to develop in the first place. Penergetic w works to naturally re-establish the ecological equilibrium in an aquatic environment in order to return it to a healthy state, so that any previous detrimental conditions are overcome and avoided in the future.

In some cases it has taken a pond or lake years to reach the “tipping over” point – meaning the point where eutrophication sets in and it is no longer able to support itself in a natural balance. Each situation is unique. In some cases, it will also take time for the water body to re-establish itself – realistic expectations are warranted.

The following parameters can currently be treated successfully with the Penergetic technology:

  • Visible depth
  • Algae contamination
  • Sludge
  • Germs

Factors that may potentially influence the effectiveness of penergetic w

  • Water body already in a highly advanced stage of eutrophication
  • Sludge (including organic matter on bottom) exceeds 50% of total volume of water body
  • Uncontrolled exposure to nutrients from an external source (e.g. runoff from fertilizer application, animal wastes or other sources)
  • The complete absence of aquatic plants in the littoral shore zone (upper 6 – 7 feet) of the water body
  • If treatment is initiated during summer period of stagnation after water body circulation has been stratified

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