Penergetic Solutions

- Model K - Soil Activator – Build Better Humus


By working with the biological processes in nature, Penergetic k stimulates the microorganisms in soil, compost and manure.

  • promotes healthy fertile soil
  • stabilizes the decomposition process
  • strengthens the soil food web
  • improves plant available of fertilizers, making them more effective

Penergetic k can be used for three different purposes:

  • In Fields: improves soil fertility by accelerating the decomposition of field residue, activating soil micro-organisms and assisting to release fixed nutrients locking in organic & mineral soil layers
  • For Dry Manure and Compost: stimulates an accelerated aerobic decomposition process, reduces odor and other nuisances and produces more nutrient rich humus
  • On Livestock Bedding, in Poultry Barns and Stables: acts as a conditioner to improve barn conditions by reducing ammonia and insects, supporting disease suppression and decomposing poultry/livestock fecal matter and litter/bedding

* Penergetic k is OMRI-listed, therefore is suitable for organic, transitional and conventional methods of agriculture.

A)  Soil Treatment

  • Conditions the soil to support the development of healthy plants
  • Composting activates the soil and soil organisms (including after winter dormancy period)
  • Prolongs growing season in autumn by increasing soil activity and soil temperature
  • Creates conditions for better root growth and increased root exploration capacity
  • Nurtures the soil food web and stimulates the activity of soil micro-organisms
  • Activates mycorrhiza formation – root symbiosis
  • Increases soil’s water absorption/storage capacity and air permeability of the soil
  • Supports plant-availability of trace elements and macro elements
  • Improves Soil structure

* For crop production best results achieved when used in with penergetic p.

B)  Composting

  • Activates accelerated composting by an aerobic process
  • Suitable for all manner of compostable materials (e.g. solid manure, plant matter)
  • Reduces insect pest problems and odors associated with composting
  • Limits loss of nutrients (e.g. nitrogen) during composting process
  • Promotes elimination of weed seeds and pathogenic organisms
  • Produces more homogeneously consistent nutrient rich humus
  • Assists in regulating decomposition temperature
  • Encourages propagation of healthy soil fungi and reduces presence of detrimental fungi
  • Proven and cost effective approach to composting
  • Effective for decomposing dead animals
  • Supports more thorough breakdown of manure, prevents nutrient overload on field
  • Proven and cost effective approach to composting

C)  Barns and Stables

  • Aids in controlling odor, including ammonia, in poultry barns and livestock housing
  • Reduces flies and other insects in poultry barns and livestock stalls
  • Supports control of pathogens
  • Overcomes problems associated with lime (used in back of stalls) as not dusty and won’t fill grooves in flooring
  • Activates composting process in soiled poultry litter / livestock bedding

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