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- Model P - For Plants


Penergetic products are from Switzerland and may be used to support sustainable approaches to agriculture. Penergetic p (for plants) has been used successfully in Europe, South America and Asia for over twenty years and has been available for use in North America for the past five years. Penergetic p (for plants) is used in very minute quantities (e.g. typically just 3.5 oz. per acre for most field crops).

For Plants – lower input costs

  • use small quantity per acre
  • available in different formats
  • easy to apply and environmentally safe
  • by seed dressing, foliar spray, pivot irrigation, drip lines
  • suitable for full range of crops


Penergetic p is available in two forms:

  • a (wettable) powder (penergetic p ULTRA™)
  • liquid form (penergetic p F molasses).

Product Size

  • Powder available in two sizes: 2.2 lb. and 13.2 lb.
  • Liquid available in: 1 liter and 10 liter [Totes available (by Special Order)]

Application METHOD

  • by seed dressing
  • combining with liquid or granular fertilizer
  • foliar spray
  • irrigation pivot
  • drip irrigation

Seed Dressing

Depending on the type of seed used and the seeding method, penergetic p can be mixed with seed dry or applied wet. Penergetic p ULTRA may be used for dry application or mixed into a slurry for wet application. Alternatively, the liquid (molasses) form of the product may be used. There are no known contra-indications with other seed treatment compounds.

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