- 3-Point Mounted Cultivator



PENTASOL and POLYSOL are mounted 3-point tools for preparing a seedbed making it possible to work at a depth of up to 15 cm and an optimum speed of 12 km/h. Their immense versatility in terms of equipment, spacing and types of tine make them an ideal tool to cope with all types of soil and requirements. The tine distribution, over 4, 5 or 6 rows according to version, allows a flow which cannot be equalled. There are fixed versions, 2.70 and 3.30 m and a folding version from 4.10 up to 8.10 m.

The Chassis

  • 3-point linkage between yokes No. 3 Pins No. 2/3
  • 100 x 8 mm tubular frame front/rear. Flat crossbeam 100 x10, entirely mechanically welded
  • 5 steel tine-holder bars, 50 x 15, centre distance 350 and 8 mm thick flange
  • Hydraulic folding at 3 metres
  • by 2 double effect cylinders with hydraulic safety device
  • Signalling as an option

 Safety :

  • Extension with driven double cylinder to avoid risk of falls
  • Transport width in accordance with the current regulations

Durability :

  • Solid frame, entirely welded, front and rear beams    100 × 8 mm
  • 3-point anti-rotation pin Nos. 2/3 on steel plate, thickness 20 mm
  • Anti-rotation coupling pin on steel plate, thickness 15 mm
  • Steel tine holder blade 50 × 15 mm and flange 8 mm, housing 45 × 12 mm tines with greater clearance and greater strength

Efficiency :

  • 5 rows of tines to encourage soil flow and the passage of plant debris
  • Independent adjustment of the pressure of the double rear roller
  • 3 possible tine densities in order to adapt to any type of terrain and the most demanding requirements
  • Option to work difficult soil and optimise tractor power with 6 rows of tines on Polysol Extreme
  • Option to work in floating position with 3-point lighting

Comfort :

  • Self-aligning bearings with lifetime lubrication on rollers and wheels
  • Adjustment of the roller depth by    screw handle with control adjustment

Quality :

  • Control at each stage of production
  • Paint with polyurethane finish on epoxy finish
  • Surface treatment before painting by conversion
  • Final control before shipping, may be consulted on request

Environment :

  • Slight facilitation of penetration of water on the surface
  • Reduces the surface sealing of the soil
  • Reduces the quantity of weeds at the time of sowing and thus reduces the use of chemical weedkillers
  • Correct soil preparation promotes satisfactory crop root development, which allows optimal absorption of water and nutritive elements from the soil

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