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Perfecta is the new soil preparation machine, with the same working system of the stone burier (model AI MAXI), or better, with a blade rotor assembled in the front of the machine that permits to work the soil deep into the ground from 5 to 20 cm.

In the central part it is equipped with a grid covered by a patent that, thanks to its alternating movement, especially when the machine is working on wet soils, cleans itself and allows the gradual clod burial, that is to say, from the thinnest clods to the biggest ones, deep into the ground. It may be, therefore, considered to be an excellent solution for heavy, and above all, wet soils.It is equipped in the rear part of the machine with a pressing roller with a mechanical traction controlled by rubber wheels. The roller has got a higher rotation speed compared to the machine forward movement, and it works the soil with a right pressure, compacting it uniformly. The soil is therefore very ne on the surface and it is very good for the transplanting or for the sowing. Furthermore, it is the ideal solution for the mechanic harvesting of corn salad, as it avoids the problem of sandblast.The machine make also the heavy and wet soils very thin through the gradual clod burial

  • Perfect preparation of the soil for transplanting od for the sowing also on wet or heavy soils
  • Granulometric stratification of the soil
  • Formation of a subsurface drainage layer
  • Formation of a fine layer on the surface for a right transplanting of the plant

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