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- Wet Dry Concrete Plant



The PERFEKT is a Wet mobile plant (with mixer) with a big production capacity which is similar to the one of a fixed installation.
It is available in two versions with or without winter cover. The time required to install and to make the plant in operation is not longer than two days.

The materials used for the inner lining and for the mixing blades offer a high degree of wear- resistance, and are interchangeable. The sealing systems on the shafts have been designed to avoid any contact between the material and the support bearings themselves. 
The discharging hatch is hydraulically controlled, and has been specifically designed for fast concrete discharging. 
The MO, mixer range can also be fitted with an optional LOADER SKIP, with base opening, that ascend and descend at high speeds, so that the mixer can be fed whilst it is mixing the previous mixture.

Water distribution in the MO series is by means of a ring-pipe. These mixers are also fitted with a casing with double visiting hatch and double inspection hatch protected with a mesh covering.

All the safety devices of these mixers comply with current accident prevention standards.

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