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- Model 400, 600, 800 and 1000 - Mounted Crop Field Sprayers



PERKOZ 400, 600, 800 and 1000 is a series of mounted sprayers, intended mainly for small and medium-sized farms. The highest quality components from Italy and the USA were used to build these sprayers, thus the sprayer has been created which meets the high demands of modern agriculture. The structure of PERKOZ sprayers is durable, reliable in operation and easy to use. PERKOZ sprayers have a durable and aesthetic polyethylene tank with a big and comfortable sprue and a tank for hand washing. We suggest that you use the following Italian ZETA pumps together with these sprayers: 70 l/min, 85 l/min, 100 l/min, 120 l/min, 140 l/min and 170 l/min. These sprayers are equipped with conventional control valves: proportional, electrical or computer controlled pressure maintaining valves.

Types of spraying booms:

  • manually folded self-levelling spraying boom and manually raised spraying booms (except for booms 18m and 20m) or hydraulically raised ones. With an acid resistant tube. Fixtures with filters and drop-resistant valves: single and multi-position ones on the acid-resistant tube, one set of nozzles. Spraying boom working width: 10m, 12m, 14m, 15m, 16m, 18m, 20 meters.
  • raised and hydraulically folded spraying boom with the option of self-levelling and multi-position bodies for acid-resistant tubes. Spraying boom working width: 12m, 14m, 15m, 16m and 18 meters.

Sprayer can be equipped with:

  • external chemical induction hopper,
  • foam marker,
  • lights for driving on public roads,
  • working lights,
  • CenterLine 220 navigation,
  • tool for water suction (5m hose),
  • hydraulic self-levelling height adjustment - control from the tractor (manually folded booms),
  • nozzle for tank rinsing,
  • third tank for system washing (PERKOZ PLUS version),
  • other spray nozzles,
  • PTO drive shaft (PTO).

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