- Model 1300, 1600 & 1900 - Mounted Crop Field Sprayers



PERKOZ MAX - mounted sprayer offered from the beginning of 2013 is directed for middle area farms. There is a possibility of purchasing an additional tank with separate pump (or with other equipment on client demand) assembled at the front of tractor with capacity 1100 and 1500 l - it lets for increasing sprayed area. At the same time it makes correction of tractor balance and it is also useful during performing other work in fields: sowing, planting and postharvest works.

Making the construction we used lots of modern solutions and components originate from leading world's manufacturers. As a result of this activities is the sprayer that satisfy higher and higher requirements of modern agriculture. The construction is fast, reliable at work and simple in use. X-system hydraulic boom12-18 m, folded with 2 cylinders. Manual booms 12-20 m. Hydraulic booms folded with 2 or 4 cylinders 12-21 m. Booms are equipped depending on demands - single nozzle holders, multiway nozzle holders, air-assisted system.

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