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Replaces sand in all sand aquaculture filters to prevent clogging, compaction, and channeling without plumbing changes.

  • Provide Superior Quality- Perma-Beads are superb at capturing debris due to their unique shape, surface properties and density.
  • Need No Plumbing Changes - Switching to Perma-Beads does not require any plumbing changes. Simply remove the sand and pour the Perma-Beads into any sand filter.
  • Save Water - Perma-Beads reduce both the frequency and duration of backwashes saving thousands of gallons.
  • Save Money - Perma-Beads allow pumps to run cooler requiring less service and extending equipment life while reducing electrical operating costs and replacement costs.
  • Save Time - Perma-Beads eliminate the time needed for frequent pressure monitoring, frequent backwashes of long duration, attempts to unclog compacted, channeled filters and replace compacted sand or other media.
  • Are Permanent - Perma-Beads have been in continuous operation in thousands of filters for over 20 years without clogging, compaction, channeling or replacement.
  • Are Pure - Perma-Beads are never made from scrape plastic from unknown sources or odd shaped material of varying chemical compositions. The consistent uniformity and professional quality of Perma-Beads ensures the complete absence of any contaminants guaranteeing their use for sensitive species.
  • Recycle Nutrients - Perma-Beads concentrate filtered waste nutrients in the replacement water which can then be applied directly to aquaponic or agricultural use as a free, all natural fertilizer.

Perma-Beads are specifically designed to replace sand in any make or model sand filter. There are no plumbing changes needed. Perma-Beads are spherical and about 3 mm in diameter. If you imagine these little “spheres” stacked up in the filter, there is a maximum amount of interstitial space to capture debris. Perma-Beads have the slipperiness of Teflon but are much harder and very dense yet fluidize easily upon backwash.

Due to their unique surface properties and density, upon backwash the dirt blows out of the filter but the beads stay in. Perma-Beads are always of uniform size, shape, color, density and physical properties and are never made from scrape, potentially toxic plastic from unknown sources. Perma-Beads are inert and non-reactive and are made with consistent uniformity that ensures the complete absence of any contaminants.

This quality guarantee has allowed Perma-Beads to be used in many critically sensitive university and government bioassay research systems with delicate fish and invertebrates as well as numerous aquaculture systems. Our customers have now been using Perma-Bead media for over 20 years in thousands of sand filters. Many still are using the original Perma-Beads after 20 years of continuous operation without clogging or channeling while still providing superb quality!

Perma-Beads are truly permanent and never need replacement. We offer free systems design services and technical support so please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have regarding any aspect of quality.

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