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- Model 600HP - Combined FTIR Milk Analyzer and Somatic Cell Counter


The CombiScope FTIR 600HP dairy analyzer, from Delta Instruments, provides the highest sample throughput available for the routine analysis of cow, goat, sheep, and buffalo milk.The system consists of a component analyzer (LactoScope FTIR), a somatic cell counter (SomaScope LFC) and a sample handling system. This combination analyzes at speeds of up to 600 samples an hour. The CombiScope FTIR 600HP incorporates many industry-first technologies that allow operators to increase lab capacity, throughput, and business opportunities.

Industry-Leading Capabilities for Dairy Herd Improvement and Milk Payment Laboratories

  • 600 Samples per hour - The industry's highest speed allows your lab to increase throughput, profit while providing a quicker service to your customers
  • Patented Interferometer ensures accuracy and minimizes maintenance and calibration for component analysis
  • Somatic Cell counter utilizes an LED light source to eliminate source wear and gains adjustments
  • Conveyor System has several sensors built in to monitor sample quality. Sample head is controlled by electromagnetic drive, so there is no wear. Can be used with barcode or RFID coded samples.
  • Operator controlled system is designed to be ergonomically comfortable and user-friendly
  • Intelligent Diagnostic System (IDS) works with operator to monitor and assess system performance
  • Simple Touch Screen operation allows for easy start-up and rapid, accurate data handling and transfer
  • Intelligent Diagnostic System (IDS) will alert operator to hard-to-analyze samples

Parameters: Fat, Protein, Lactose, Total solids, NPN-CU and Somatic Cell counting
Analysis capacity: 600 samples/hour instrument speed
IR principle: Rotation scanning mechanism, Fourier Transform Infra Red
Somatic cell counter principle: LED flow cytometer
Sample intake: 6 ml
Required sample temperature: +37°C to +42°C (98.6°F to +107.6°F)
Operating system: Windows 7
Operating interface: Touchscreen, keyboard, mouse
Data transfer: UTP
Weight Approx. 727.5 lb (330 kg)
System dimensions (D x W x H): 17.72' x 33.46' x 19.70' (45 cm x 230 cm x 50 cm)
Type: Desktop
Power consumption: 750 nominal 1200 VA Max
Power supply: 110 V-240V
IP classification: IP22
Approvals: CE, AOAC, IDF and FDA. The management system governing the manufacturing of this product is ISO 9001 registered.

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