- Pipe for Automatic Fish Feeding Systems


PescaPex Pipe = advanced piping system.  PescaPex Pipe is a well-known product from the housing and the mining industry. In the mining industry, it is used in a rough environment which often is corrosive with temperatures up to 65 degr. C, and pressure up to 13 bar. Therefore you can expect that the PescaPex Pipes will have a very long life in the feeding system. We have seen it up and running for at least 15 years in a farm the Mediterranian area without problems neither internal in the pipe nor breakdown external.

It is also very flexible and can be installed without any careful handling.

PescaPex Pipes have a very smooth inner surface and it is impossible to break, so it stays the same. The smooth inside is preventing dust and clogging of feed in the pipes, avoiding stop of feeding and pipe repair. This is contributing to a continuous and cost effective feeding and growth for the fish.

PescaPex Pipes are very flexible and with memory so the pipes resist very well harsh weather and all challenges with hurricanes and storms. The memory ensures that after even strong challenges with heavy bending of the pipes - the pipes will go back to original shape.

With length of 300 meter pipes and easy joining with Electro fusion, even long distances feeding can be managed. This makes PescaPex Pipe very well suited for feeding systems in aquaculture indoor and outdoor.

Why PEX?

PescaPex Pipe Durability test and crosslinked molecule

PescaPex Pipe pipes are justifiably regarded as the “high-tech” of the pipe industry. Their enhanced properties, such as resistance to high temperatures, harsh conditions, and abrasion, as well as PescaPex Pipes excellent long-term durability, have revolutionized the applications of domestic sanitation, infrastructure, industry, slurry transportation, pumping water and more.

Use of PescaPex Pipes in industrial and mining applications worldwide is constantly increasing due to the obvious advantages of PescaPex Pipe.

New distributor in Norway
AquaProcess is pleased to announce that we have appointed Pro-Flex As to be the distributor of PescaPex Pipe in Norway. Pro-Flex As is a well-established company in the aquaculture business and they have a long tradition of supplying high quality pipes and connectors to the industry. We are looking very much forward to supply our high performing feeding pipes PesaPexPipe in Norway together with Pro-Flex As.

Study trip to Golan
In April we were invited to visit the Golan factory in Israel and also visit some of the installations they have made in Israel. It was quite impressing to visit the high-tech production facility and also to meet the  professionnel staff of Golan.

We visited several installations all over Israel where the pipe is used for transporting water through the Dead Sea as well as transporting various chemicals to and from factories. Most impressing was to see more pipes that have been working for more than 15 years just laying on the ground surrounded by rocks s, gravel and sand. The pipes were not affected on the outside at all and the smooth  surface was still intact inside the pipe.

ARDAG Read Sea Marine Agriculture have been using PescaPex Pipes in our feeding system for the last

four years. We decided to use PescaPex Pipes after having occasionally holes in the old MERIFLEX (HDPE) pipes. The holes were drilled out by friction made by the pellets running inside the pipe.

The old MERIFLEX pipes started to have holes after 300-400 tons of feeding running inside (which

means 10 kg of food per minute with an average speed of 16 meters per second).

The new PescaPex Pipes started to have holes only after 1000 tons of pellets.

We submersed 4 main PescaPex Pipes of 300 m at a depth of 6 m starting from the feeding system on the shore to the selector at the fish farm, and then spread to the cages.

We are highly satisfied with the quality of the PescaPex Pipe. It is stiff and heavy-duty to use so we have less maintenance problems with it.

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