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Cherries strewer PESTKA is designed for picking cherries, prunes, and apples ets. The strewer is aggregated with a farming tractor with a three point hitch and an exterior hydraulic system. Strewing is done by catching and trembling a tree with a clutching arm. The fruits fall onto screens spread out under the tree (the screens are not a part of the basic set) and are then poured into boxes. Leaves must be removed with a cleaning fan - a currant harvester is often used to do this.

Using a tractor’s exterior hydraulic system, the strewer PESTKA has a much easier construction than similar devices of other companies. Efficiency of strewing can be easily regulated by a simple change of weight of rotating elements in the strewing head. The length of the jib on which the strewer is hung can be changed from 1200 to 2000mm. It facilitates work in orchards with various spans of tree rows.

The jib can rotate 90 degrees to both sides, which allows picking from two rows at the same time. It requires two sets of screens and two additional persons to work them.

Strewer PESTKA (without the jib) is also installed in our new invention cherry picking device GACEK.

  • Length 3500mm
  • Width 900mm
  • Height 1800mm
  • Weight 220kg
  • Arm reach 50-150mm or 100-200mm
  • Hydraulic pump productivity 20-40 l/min
  • Trunk grip strength regulation hydraulic, with an overflow connection
  • Precision of pick ca. 95%
  • Staff required 4 - 6


  • Row span 4- 6m
  • Trees in a row span 2,5- 3,5m
  • Tree crown diameter ca. 4,5m
  • Tree trunk diameter up to 150mm or up to 200mm
  • Trunk height min.0,6m

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