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The nitrogen in CAN is made up by the slow ammonium nitrogen and the fast nitrate nitrogen at equal ratio, therefore, it can be applied for both top dressing and basic fertiliza­tion for any kind of soil types and vegetation. The dolomite content with the nitrogen reduces the sourness of the soil, so it is spe­cifically recommended for treating sour soils. Calcium (magnesium) improves the soil structure, as its clay/humin complexes make it crumbly (water, heat and air retaining capacity of the soil will be better due to porosity), and increases its fertility. It increases the absorption and utilization of other nutrients through improving the ion balance. Its magnesium content is favourable for the production of plants needing magne­sium such as potato, sugar beet, perennial papilionaceae, maize, rape, oat, horticultural and medici­nal herbs.

Chemical formula: NH4NO3 + CaMg (CO3)2

Active ingredients: ammonium nitrate, very fine dolomite powder

According to EC fertilizer requirements: 27% nitrogen (N) in the form of ammonium (NH4) and nitrate (NO3) in a ratio of 1:1
5% calcium (Ca), expressed in calcium oxide: 7% CaO, 3% magnesium (Mg), expressed in magnesium oxide: 5% MgO


  • in 10 to 50 kg polyethylene bags (in palletized unit packs if requested)
  • in Big-Bag of 600 to 1,000 kg or bulk in the customer's container

Storage: Protected from sunshine and humidity, indoors


Its favourable physical properties allows uniform spreading by either conventional or pneumatic spreaders, and even spreading by airplane.

Advantages of CAN compared to Ammonium Nitrate

  • increases the yield, improves quality
  • improves the condition of the plants, and their stress resistance
  • non-acidic, increases the pH and the fertility of the soil
  • increases the nitrogen utilization from the nutrient

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