- Model 2000 LT - 4000 LT - PHS Horizontal Milk Cooling Tanks



AISI 304 quality stainless steel. 1st wall base is 2 mm and it also has 0,8 mm Ep type laser welded cooler evaporator surface that is coupled to wall. Isolated wall is 1,5 mm for 2000 - 4000 Lt capacity tanks and 2 mm for 5000 - 120000 Lt capacity tanks. Cooler unit and tank body are mounted on single chassis. There are 1 0,34 HP 33 d/d redactor and stainless steel mixer blade on redactor. There are 2 mixer at 6000 Lt, 8000 Lt, 10000 Lt and 12000 Lt milk cooling tanks. Isolation range has 60 mm thickness, isolated with water based, non-HCFC high density polyurethane foam material. Product output has DN50 male sleeve, butterfly valve.

  • There is also AISI 304 quality stainless steel Ø 500 mm manhole cover.
  • There is Ø 100 mm covered product entry on the manhole cover.
  • There is Ø 90 ventilation outlet.
  • There is manual measuring scale with ‰ 3-4 sensitivity rate.
  • It has anti-slippery AISI 304 quality ladder.
  • Design that allow zero liquid to remain in the rank during discharge.
  • Welded sections are welded with 1st class Argon TIG welding and has 1st class smooth polishing.
  • There are adjustable bolted stands under the tank

  • Fast Cooling without crystallization within minimum milk volume
  • Minimum gas charging
  • Cooling with R404 A gas
  • Peymak Milk Cooling Tanks provide each milking to cool from 35°C to 4°C at ambient temperature (32°C – 38°C)
  • There are solenoid valve, dilatation valve, dryer, vision glass, liquid holder and valves of compressor.
  • Direct Expansion System
  • TSE regulation 13732 of Compliance certificate
  • T.C. Uluda¤ University Test of Compliance Certificate
  • Optionally, designs Suitable for 2, 4 and 6 milking time

  • Protection grade IP 65 Electric control panel
  • Tanks operate at 380 volt energy.
  • Digital thermometer heat level indicator
  • Electronic control card that is specially designed and is able to control the milk temperature and operation of the tank, menus, easy utilization
  • In case of electronic system malfunction, cooling process is continued with manual position.
  • There is electro-mechanic additional safety system that is adjusted to 1,5-
  • 2°C in order to prevent milk from freezing.
  • In case of any malfunction, there is a message relating to such malfunction.
  • Compressors are activated gradually in order to prevent immediate current withdrawal at multiple system compressors.
  • There is a possibility to monitor the malfunctions, washing temperature, milk temperature, electronic faults in last 20 days.
  • Phase protection relay
  • Automatic mixing program with special software; Mixer operation time may be adjusted with desired intervals after the milk is brought to desired ser value. (3 minutes of operation, 10 minutes of break)

  • Water is provided to all surfaces through special design CIP ball.
  • Automatic washing with single button
  • Low level detergent consumption
  • Easily usable detergent container
  • Safety system that prevents water to be mixed with milk

  • 0-2% measuring accuracy.
  • Milk level in the tank can be monitored from the command panel.
  • Milk level in the tank can be displayed as mm, kg and Lt type.

  • Automatic Detergent Dosing Pump
  • Malfunction notification to cell phones with messages
  • Heat Recovery Tank

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